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The PRESPO project aims to collect a set of scientific information that will improve the artisanal fisheries management, increasing their sustainability in biological, environmental, social and economic terms.

Specific purposes: 

  • Develop tools and instruments to gather information on the activity of the artisanal fleet;
  • Propose a data collection program for artisanal fisheries, particularly for small-scale fisheries;
  • Develop systems to allow for integrated data analysis, in order to facilitate decision-making;
  • Develop integrated and dynamic bio-socio-economic models in order to improve fisheries management in the Atlantic Area;
  • Improve technical efficiency of vessels, consequently reducing fishing effort;
  • Reduce the fishing effort directed towards some commercial species through the promotion of alternative and diversified activities to fishing;  
  • Increase vessels profitability by creating more added value to the fishing products;
  • Develop and modify fishing gears aiming to reduce environmental impact on the ecosystem, by reducing mortality and discards associated with this activity;
  • Create observatories of artisanal fisheries;
  • Suggest a surveillance system capable of informing the fishing industry about the trends and developments regarding unwanted negative biologic and economic situations;
  • Consolidate the international scientific network of collection of fisheries biological, social and economical data;
  • Promote international cooperation between the main research centres of the project partners;
  • Contribute to achieve the objectives of new Common Fisheries Policy.